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Guest post from Jean Lauzier, I asked what her favorite scene to write in Dragons of Jade was.

This is what she said...


One of my favorite memories of writing Dragons Of Jade took place early in the book. A little backstory though. This was a NaNoWriMo book. For those who don’t know, November is National Novel Writing Month and the challenge is to write an at least 50k novel during the month. So, on November first, I start typing away. I’m not a big outliner, but I had an idea, some characters, and dragons, so jumped in headfirst.

Probably the second day, while typing along just fine, a black dog followed one of my characters through the door into their house, promptly made his way to the fireplace, and made himself at home. However, I didn’t want a dog in the story. Sure, I love dogs, but I figured dragons would be enough to deal with animal wise.

So, I did the backspace thing and got rid of him. I probably got a snack of some sort then got back to writing. Thing is, about a paragraph later, the dog showed up again. This time he burst through the door, ran to a character, and put his head in her lap. He also came with a name.

Black dog laying down

I let him stay. And I’m glad I did. Finn turned out to be a big part of the story, in his own way.



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